Looking for some help on a project?
I'm open to short term software contracts in London or remotely.
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My experience

The past decade has seen me work in startups where I’ve built, maintained, integrated & fought with a variety of SaaS applications & infrastructure within small teams. Largely Python, Javascript, Google Cloud, performance & reliability work, bunch of SaaS stuff and whatever else was needed to keep things running smoothly on any given day.

Building products can be a lot of fun and I would love to help you take an idea from 0 to MVP. Most of the time though, code is a burden, and I'm well versed in long term technical decision making, untangling spaghetti and swapping out the engines with the plane in midair.

Reach out if you think we're a fit or would like to know more

Where to find me

  • You can email me
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  • Some code on Github
  • Some books on Oku
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