My work

The majority of my work happens inside private companies and is not easily shared; below is a selection of side projects and libraries which have been completed outside of the day job.


Automatically discover and recover cost savings on Google Cloud Platform.


Nimble can take your web app, wrap and prepare it for submission to the App Store, plus provide you with an SDK to access device features.

Now accepting preorders!


Oku is the companion app for every book. Readers can track what they like, create collections, share reviews, discover books and more.

A screenshot of Oku's interface showing a book called The Idiot

Alongside my core technical skillsets, Oku has given me an opportunity to round out other skills like product development, newsletter & copywriting, marketing and support.


Laboratory is a Python library which aims to achieve clarity during complex refactors of a codebase by providing you with a framework to run experiments and record the results. It allows you to safely test in production alongside your legacy code and establishes a feedback loop which is used to refine the refactored code until it's working perfectly in all scenarios.

I've written more about how it can help in a post, but otherwise you can check out the code on Github to get started.

Tindddle (2014, now defunct)

Tindddle was about exploring design inspiration pulled from Dribbble with a Tinder-like swiping mechanic. It was covered in thenextweb and a bunch of smaller publications and ended up with ~15,000 members in the first few days, but was eventually killed off when Dribbble removed the neccessary APIs. Not bad for a weekend project!